Thando Zwane is a highly sought-after birth worker with over 11 years of experience as a birth and postnatal doula, hypnobirthing teacher, doula mentor and workshop teacher. Her journey into supporting mothers through pregnancy, birth, and beyond is deeply rooted in her Zulu heritage.

Thando inherited this gift from her maternal grandmother, who supported the women in their family before and after birth, alongside her grandmother's sister who also served as a healer for the community and a traditional midwife for some of her family. For Thando, this work is more than a profession—it's a calling.




Thando's path to becoming a birthkeeper was illuminated during her studies at a university in Bath, UK, where she initially pursued a career in teaching after moving from South Africa. A lightbulb moment revealed her true calling, leading her to complete a doula training course in 2013. Since then, Thando has supported over 250 families across Bristol and London in the UK and as further afield as the US, Australia and South Africa.



Thando’s extensive experience includes working with clients facing a wide range of pregnancies and births including:

- birth phobia
- gestational diabetes
- group b strep
- induction
- planned and emergency caesareans
- premature birth and prolonged pregnancies
- breech presentation
- V/HBAC (vaginal/ home birth after caesarean)
- solo Mums
- vaginal twin births
- antenatal and postnatal depression
- previous traumatic birth
- IVF pregnancies
- history of sexual abuse
- unassisted births.

Her clients range from doctors, doulas and celebrities to many families and friendship groups choosing her repeatedly for their births and postpartum support. Thando’s unique ability to create a safe space has earned her a stellar reputation often leading to more requests than she can accommodate which has led to her offering the most comprehensive birth and postnatal preparation courses available.  

Thando’s clients often describe her as calm, empathetic and very knowledgeable with a wonderful ability to marry the science and sacred whilst supporting them during the most vulnerable time of their lives. Here’s what some of them have to say (link to testimonials page)

Experience the transformative support available through the courses (link to course and classes page) Thando offers whether you’re preparing for your first or fifth birth you will learn some useful information to help you feel confident and enjoy the journey ahead.